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About Spruce Sounds

Established 2016 in Melbourne, Spruce Sounds is an independent platform for all forms of underground electronic music but mainly focused on House, Techno & Disco Live Mixes and Tracklists. With a passion for discovering some of the best electronic music in all it’s forms Spruce Sounds aims to uncover DJ mixes along with their accompanying tracklists.

I created the website Spruce Sounds as a way to share music I enjoy and connect with people that appreciate the same. Most of my time is spent listening to my favourite Artists and DJ’s from all around the world who are constantly putting out mixes containing unreleased, brand new and timeless tracks. I’ve discovered a large amount of the music I appreciate the most today this way. Unfortunately there just isn’t enough hours in the day to listen to the shear amount of music that’s being released these days which is why I’m attempting to filter out the noise.

Each mix posted contains the tracklist and links to stream/buy where possible and I’ll be doing my best to constantly improve the site and post as frequently as possible.

Where possible links to download, stream or buy tracks will be made available. Content is posted semi-regularly and you can keep up to date on our social platforms across Soundcloud, Facebook and Instagram for the latest posts.