The Cover Mix: Midland Tracklist

Loidis - In The Place I Sit

Com Sin - Persona

Stereofuse - Royal Flush

Tom VR-Lost On Seahaven Island

Youandewan & Huerta -Who Are You

PG Sounds -Track 1

The Mole -Love Is The Way

THE FOCK - Shat Pop (Electro mix)

Steve Bug-Magic Is Magic

Pinch & Shackleton-Selfish And Greedy Life

Yak - Don Greno

214 - Windeye

Answer Code Request - Zeitspielraum

Deadboy - Klint

Solitary Dancer - Transmitting To Heaven

Overmono -Quadraluv

Heiko Laux - Consense Pt 2

Calibre - Break That

Kosh - Casablanca Vice


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About The Cover Mix: Midland

Midland stars on the cover of our February issue and delivers us a flawless club-primed hour for his exclusive Cover Mix. The London artist has asserted his status as a master of the mix format in recent years, winning BBC Radio 1’s coveted Essential Mix of the Year gong in 2016 and our Compilation of the Year award in 2017 for his ‘FABRICLIVE 94’ effort. His Cover Mix marks another mighty instalment in his untouchable run of mixes. Listen to it, check out the tracklist and read Midland talking us through the mix below. “With this mix I wanted to try and capture the sound of me in the club during a long set in the part of the night when you and the crowd are locked in to a groove; a time when you’re able to make left turns, but it feels totally natural. As ever unreleased records sit alongside new records alongside records that came out 10/20/30 years ago. I definitely wanted to build to a more electro/rave crescendo in the middle of this, and try and plot a course through some broken stuff towards the end. I really enjoyed recording this one!”


Electronic, Featured

Upload Date

January 14, 2019